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Global Black Diaspora Emphasis


The Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Riverside is currently soliciting applications to our Graduate Program in Anthropology, with a special emphasis on the Global Black Diaspora.  We are a four-field department seeking to recruit students with an interest in Race, Antiblackness, The Black Diaspora, Gender, Social Justice, and Freedom. We encourage international applications.  Our funding package is guaranteed for four years, through a combination of internal fellowships and teaching opportunities. Students are also encouraged to apply for an array of competitive scholarships.

Faculty in Global Black Diaspora Emphasis

In addition to the core faculty listed on our website at, department faculty who concentrate on the African Diasporic experience, including the Black Atlantic and Black Pacific, and practices of Antiblackness around the world, include:

Dr. Yolanda Moses (professor of anthropology): social inequality in complex societies; gender and class disparities in the Caribbean, East Africa, and in the United States; diversity and change in universities and colleges in the United States, Australia, India, and South Africa.

Former President, American Anthropological Association and Former President, City University of New York

Dr. João Costa Vargas (professor of anthropology): juvenile and adult imprisonment, repressive policing, punitive schooling, residential hyper-segregation, exposure to environmental hazards, blocked access to health care; antiblackness and imagination of viable Black lifeworlds.

Author of The Denial of Antiblackness

Dr. Anthony Russell Jerry (assistant professor of anthropology): race and citizenship in Mexico; racial geographies; im/migration, racism, and citizenship on first-generation youth and youth of color in the U.S./Mexico border region.

Co-Founder of Blackness Unbound Collective

Dr. Worku Nida (assistant teaching professor of anthropology): social change, entrepreneurialism, migration, class formations, diaspora, transnationalism, immigration, social movements, ethnohistory, and nation-building.  Africa, the United States, and the Middle East.

Member of the Committee on International Education

Dr. Ayana Omilade Flewellen (assistant professor of anthropology): Black Feminist Theory, historical archaeology, maritime heritage conservation, public and community-engaged archaeology, processes of identity formations, and representations of slavery.

Co-Founder of the Society of Black Archaeologists

Admission to the graduate program in Anthropology at UC Riverside is based on a combination of five criteria: (a) undergraduate record; (b) letters of recommendation (c) strength of academic writing; (e) overlap between applicant's interests and strengths of faculty; and (f) contribution to social or cultural diversity within the chosen field. We no longer require GRE scores.

The deadline for online application and payment of application fee is 5 January 2021.