Anthropology/Law & Society Degree Requiremnts


University Requirements
See the Undergraduate Studies section for requirements that all students must satisfy.

College Requirements
See Degree Requirements, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences in the Undergraduate Studies section, for requirements that students must satisfy.

Major Requirements
The major requirements for the B.A. degree in Anthropology/Law & Society are as follows:
Anthropology requirements

  1. Lower-division Anthropology requirements (four courses [at least 16 units])
    1. ANTH 001, ANTH 002, and either ANTH 003 or ANTH 005
    2. LING 020

Upper-division Anthropology requirements

  1. (Nine courses [at least 36 units])
  2. At least one upper-division course in each of the subdisciplines of Anthropology:
    1. Archaeology
    2. Biological Anthropology
    3. Cultural and Social Anthropology
    4. Linguistics
  1. Law & Society requirements (36 units)
    1. PHIL007 or PHIL007H
    2. LWSO100
    3. One course chosen from ECON111, POSC114, PSYC012. Soc 004 (or equivalent course in research methods)
    4. Three courses chosen from ANTH127, ECON119, HISE453, PHIL165, POSC167, PSYC175, SOC 159
    5. Two courses chosen from ENSC174, HISA120A, HISA120B, HISE123, LWSO175 (E-Z), PHIL164, POSC111, POSC166, POSC168, POSC186, SOC 147, SOC 149, SOC 180
    6. LWSO193

Note: For sections 2.d) and 2.e) combined, not more than two courses may be taken from the same department. In filling the dual requirements of the major, students may not count more than two courses towards both parts of their total requirements (Anthropology requirements and Law and Society requirements).