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UCR Anthropology Statement on Anti-Asian Violence


UCR Anthropology unequivocally condemns the murderous, racist, and misogynistic acts in Atlanta on March 16, 2021, the recent upsurge in anti-Asian violence across the USA and elsewhere, and the discourses of scapegoating and blame that have circulated during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are appalled by the prevalence of violence targeting Asian women in particular ( ).  As a department, we stand with the Asian/American and Pacific Islander members among our faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, and research collaborators, and pledge to recognize, speak out, and fight back against anti-Asian racism wherever we encounter it. We also endorse the statement by UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox of February 19 ( ), even as we are saddened, horrified and enraged by events since then.  With the campus as a whole, we affirm the Chancellor’s statement of solidarity:

We pledge our full solidarity with the Asian/American and Pacific Islander community on campus and beyond and support the efforts by student organizations; our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office; and faculty and staff to address violence and discrimination against Asian/Americans and Pacific Islanders.

We also recommend these Community Resources on Anti-Asian Violence, compiled and shared with us by the UCRFTP Cops Off Campus Collective: