transnationalism and political economy

Faculty examine a range of historical and contemporary global issues including migration and mobility (Becker, Fay, Nah, Ness, Nida, Ossman, Schwenkel); national and ethnic identity (Jerry, Moses, Nah, Nida, Ossman, Stanton, Tsukamoto); law (Fay) and higher education (Moses); class formation and socialist-capitalist transformations (Jerry, Nida, Schwenkel); global economic development and sociocultural change (Fay, Jerry, Moses, Nah, Ossman, Schwenkel); cities and cityscapes (Becker, Nah, Nida, Ossman, Schwenkel, Stanton, Tsukamoto); conflict and warfare (Becker, Schwenkel, Stanton); language, power, and communities (Nah); human rights and humanitarianism (Fay, Jerry, Nah, Schwenkel); subject formation, representation, social movements, and agency (Jerry, Nah, Nida, Schwenkel).