Stephen James

Cultural Anthropology

Stephen James is an American-born, British dual-national. He recently returned to the United States after 25 years working as a consultant in intercultural communication in the Philippines, Soviet Central Asia, London, England, Basel, Switzerland and Germany. Stephen completed a BA in History (1984) at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Master of Philosophy at the University of London in Media and Communications (2011), with an emphasis on Transnational Studies. He was brought up in Vietnam during the “Vietnam/American War Era” (1962-1975), and has returned to those roots in pursuit of further graduate study. At the University of California, Riverside, Stephen was the recipient of the Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship, completing an MA in Southeast Asian Studies in 2015, and is now working toward a PhD in Cultural Anthropology. Stephen is carrying out a multi-sited, longitudinal study of Vietnamese serial migration over a ten-year period.