Luis Villanueva

Cultural Anthropology

My research interests are in ethnicity, sexuality, identity formation, health and illness, HIV/AIDS, immigration, and political economy. I received my B.A. in Sociology from UC San Diego, where I looked into the cultural formations of gay Latinos and the history of gay Latino organizations in San Diego, CA. I received my M.A. in Latin American Studies from San Diego State University, where I did content analysis of the racial and sexual implications on online advertisements of michês (Brazilian male escorts) in Europe and the USA. Currently, my research project is about Latino immigrants living with HIV/AIDS in the Coachella Valley (southern California), particularly undocumented migrant farmworkers living with HIV/AIDS.  This work will contribute to a better understanding of how HIV has become an epidemic in the Latino immigration communities; changes subjectivity in the execution of HIV diagnosis; and constitutes racialized, sexualized, and politicized domains of the exercise of power, in terms of who is "made to live, left to die."