Faculty » João Costa Vargas

PhD, 1999, University of California, San Diego

Office: 1323 Watkins
Phone: (951) 827-7199
E-mail: joao.vargas@ucr.edu

My written work is a result of engaging individuals and collectives combating gendered antiblackness. It draws from collaborative projects in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Salvador (in Brazil), and in Austin and Los Angeles (in the United States.) The projects focus on and attempt to propose alternatives to the current dynamics of social death and early physical death by preventable causes. Such dynamics include juvenile and adult imprisonment, repressive policing, punitive schooling, residential hypersegregation, exposure to environmental hazards, and blocked access to health care and well-being. Exploring the possibility and terms of Black-nonblack collaboration, the projects aim at contributing to the imagination and practice of viable Black life worlds.

Sample Publications

University of Minnesota Press, 2018

Brado Negro Press, 2017

Press of the Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia, 2016

Stanford University Press, 2011

Rowman & Littlefield, 2010

University of Minnesota Press, 2006