Faculty » Research Affiliates » M.C. Hall

Director, Archaeological Research Unit
Coordinator, Eastern Information Center, California Historical Resources Information System
Curator, Archaeological Curation Unit
Adjunct Associate Professor

Ph.D. 1983, University of California, Riverside


Dr. Hall has been engaged in the study and preservation of the archaeological, historical, and cultural resources of California and the western United States for more than three decades. His main research interests include prehistoric hunter-gatherer archaeology, arid-lands paleoecology, stone tool technology, sampling and quantitative techniques in archaeology, and the archaeology of historical mining in the American West. Specific ongoing pursuits address contrasts between early-middle and late Holocene forager land-use systems in the southwestern Great Basin, regional obsidian tool-use profiles in eastern California, and 19th century industrial borax mining in western Nevada. Dr. Hall is also currently devoting considerable efforts to organizing the management of California archaeological and historical resources information for the benefit of research and protection of cultural heritage properties, and to archaeological collections curation and materials analysis. He has written or contributed to dozens of major technical studies on prehistoric and historical archaeological sites throughout California and the Great Basin, prepared scores of lesser reports, and published papers in journals (American Antiquity, Current Research in the Pleistocene, Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology, Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly, Society for California Archaeology Newsletter) and monograph series (California State University [Bakersfield] Museum of Anthropology Occasional Papers in Anthropology, San Bernardino County Museum Publications, University of California [Berkeley] Archaeological Research Facility Contributions).