Faculty » Sang-Hee Lee

Sang-Hee Lee

Ph.D. 1999 University of Michigan

Office: 1309B Watkins Hall
E-mail: sang-hee.lee@ucr.edu
Website: https://profiles.ucr.edu/sang-hee.lee

Professor Lee is interested in the evolution of human morphological variation based on the fossil record and seeks to identify the causal mechanisms for the patterns observed in the human (and ancestral human) fossil record. Her research is multi-disciplinary in nature, bridging biology and anthropology: biology, in that the mechanisms of evolution and variation apply to all species; anthropology, as human evolution has been shaped by cultural factors. She has been active in five research topics: variation and taxonomy, longevity, sexual dimorphism, brain size, and sampling bias. All of these play an important role in human evolution, each with a long history of research. Her approach is focused on "excavating" new knowledge by rephrasing a question, redefining a concept, and developing innovative methods, all in ways that make it possible to get empirical information from fossil data that have not been possible before.