Sara K. Becker Sara K. Becker
Assistant Professor

Office: 1309A Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-6503
E-mail: sara.becker[at]ucr.edu
Elizabeth Berger

Elizabeth Berger
Assistant Professor

Office: 1312 Watkins Hall
Email: elizabeth.berger[at]ucr[dot]edu

Derick Fay Derick Fay
Associate Professor

Office: 1314 Watkins Hall
E-mail: derick.fay@ucr.edu
Anthony Russell Jerry Anthony Jerry
Assistant Professor

Office: 1320C Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-6415
E-mail: anthony.jerry@ucr.edu
Sang-Hee Lee Sang-Hee Lee

Office: 1309B Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-4390
E-mail: sang-hee.lee@ucr.edu
Sang-Hee Lee Juliet McMullin
Professor and Chair

Office: 1317 Watkins Hall
E-mail: juliet.mcmullin@ucr.edu
Yolanda Moses Yolanda T. Moses

Office: 1307 Watkins Hall/365B Surge Bldg.
Phone: (951) 827-7198
E-mail: yolanda.moses@ucr.edu
Hyejin Nah Hyejin Nah
Assistant Professor

Office: 1342 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-6466
E-mail: hyejin.nah@ucr.edu
Sally Allen Ness Sally Ann Ness

Office: 1304 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-6431
E-mail: sally.ness@ucr.edu
Worku Nida Worku Nida
Assistant Professor of Teaching (LPSOE)

Office: 1320A Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-5513
E-mail: worku.nida@ucr.edu
Susan Ossman Susan Ossman

Office: 1303 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-6484
E-mail: susan.ossman@ucr.edu
Christina Schwenkel Christina Schwenkel
Associate Professor

Office: 1327 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-5521
E-mail: cschwenk@ucr.edu
Travis Stanton Travis W. Stanton

Office: 1343 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-4366
E-mail: travis.stanton@ucr.edu
Nawa Sugiyama

Nawa Sugiyama
Assistant Professor

Office: 1309A Watkins Hall
Email: nawa.sugiyama[at]ucr[dot]edu

Jennifer L. Syvertsen
Assistant Professor

Office: 1320B Watkins
Phone: (951) 827-6426
E-mail: jennifer.syvertsen@ucr.edu 
Karl Taube Karl A. Taube
Distinguished Professor

Office: 1230 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-3917
E-mail: karl.taube@ucr.edu
Kenichiro Tsukamoto Kenichiro Tsukamoto
Assistant Professor

Office: 1340 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 827-2052
E-mail: kenichiro.tsukamoto@ucr.edu
João Costa Vargas

Office: 1323 Watkins
Phone: (951) 827-7199
E-mail: joao.vargas@ucr.edu
Kevin J. Vaughn
Associate Professor

Office: UCR Extension
Phone: (951) 827-4102
E-mail: kvaughn@ucx.ucr.edu

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