Faculty » Emeritus » Philip J. Wilke

Philip J. Wilke

Ph.D. 1976 University of California Riverside

E-mail: philip.wilke@ucr.edu

Topically, Professor Wilke's research focuses on ancient technology, with the main emphasis on lithic technology (htp://www.anthropology.ucr.edu/lithic/index.html), including handaxe (biface) industries of the Acheulean; the lithic technologies of the Near Eastern Neolithic; millstone industries; blade technologies of the world; Paleoindian lithic technologies; breakage, rejuvenation, and use-life transformations of stone artifacts; and weaponry and hunting technology. Other topics of interest include Paleoindian lifeways, the origins of agriculture and nomadic pastoralism, and the mental and technical competence of Middle Pleistocene humans. Geographically, research centers on the Near East and North America.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: The Naviform Core-and-Blade Industry in Orthoquartzite at 'Ain Jammam, Jordan (in press); Housing and Transport at the Origins of Nomadic Pastoralism (in press); An Eastern Jordan Perspective on the Lower Paleolithic of the "Levantine Corridor" (in press); Highland Towns and Desert Settlements: Origins of Nomadic Pastoralism in Jordan (2004); Bifacial Flake-Core Reduction Strategies and Related Aspects of Early Paleoindian Lithic Technology (2002); From Flint Mine to Fan Scraper: The Late Prehistoric Jafr Industrial Complex (2002); The Late Prehistoric Percussion-Blade Industry of the Central Plains (2002); Pragmatic Studies of Near Eastern Neolithic Sickle Blades (1997); Bullet-shaped Microblade Cores of the Near Eastern Neolithic: Experimental Replicative Studies (1996); Neolithic Millstone Production: Insights from Research in the Arid Southwestern United States (1996); Evolution and Economic Significance of Naviform Core-and-Blade Technology in the Southern Levant (1995); Naviform Core-and-Blade Technology: Assemblage Character as Determined by Replicative Experiments (1994); Clovis Technology at the Anzick Site, Montana (1991); Prehistoric Use of Rock-Lined Cache Pits: California Deserts and Southwest (1989); Typology, Technology, and Chronology of Great Basin Dart Points (1989); Bow Staves Harvested from Juniper Trees by Indians of Nevada (1988); Ord Shelter (1981); Late Prehistoric Human Ecology at Lake Cahuilla, Coachella Valley, California (1978).