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Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1962 University of Chicago

Professor Orans is ultimately interested in "the good life"; in this pursuit he has concentrated on the relations between "economic" and non-economic aspects of culture. He is much concerned with self-evaluations of happiness and satisfaction, and in general, with the experiencing of social institutions. His fieldwork has been in India and Samoa as well as the United States. He has also dabbled with "ethnicity" and statistical methodology.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: Hierarchy and Happiness in a Western Samoan Community, in Social Inequality: Comparative and Development Approaches (1980, edited by G. D. Berreman); Mighty Sifts: A Critical Appraisal of Solutions of Galton's Problem and a Partial Solution, Current Anthropology (1975, with D. J. Strauss); Caste and Race Conflict in Cross-Cultural Perspective, in Race, Change and Urban Society, Urban Affairs Annual Review (1971, edited by P. Orleans and W. R. Ellis, Jr.); Maximizing in Jajmaniland, A Model of Caste Relations, American Anthropologist (1968); Surplus, in Man in Adaptation: The Cultural Present (1966, edited by Y. A. Cohen); and The Santal, A Tribe in Search of a Great Tradition (1965).