Faculty » Emeritus » Alan G. Fix

Ph.D. 1971 University of Michigan

E-mail: alan.fix@ucr.edu

Professor Fix's main interest is in the interrelationships between sociocultural factors and the population genetics and demography of small human populations. He did fieldwork with the Semai Senoi, a swidden farming group of Malaysia, and most of his published work is based on the Semai data supplemented by computer simulation experiments. He is also interested in the evolution of the human capacity for culture, cultural evolution, and human behavioral ecology.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: Colonization Models and Initial Genetic Diversity in the Americas, Human Biology (2002); Migration and Colonization in Human Microevolution, Cambridge University Press (1999); Gene Frequency Clines Produced by Kin-structured Founder Effects, Human Biology (1997); Gene Frequency Clines in Europe: Demic Diffusion or Natural Selection?, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (1996); Malayan Paleosociology: Implications for Patterns of Genetic Variation among the Orang Asli, American Anthropologist (1995); Detecting Clinal and Balanced Selection Using Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis under Kin-Structured Migration, American Journal of Physical Anthropology (1994).