Faculty » Scott L. Fedick

Scott Fedick

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1988 Arizona State University

E-mail: scott.fedick@ucr.edu

Professor Fedick's primary research interests are in prehistoric settlement patterns, agriculture, and the development of social complexity, with an emphasis on Mesoamerica (particularly the Maya area) and the American Southwest. He also has an active interest in historical archaeology of the western United States. Professor Fedick is also involved in archaeological applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Professor Fedick's field research has been conducted in the Maya Lowlands of Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala, the Mexican highlands of Oaxaca, and the western and southwestern United States. He is currently serving as director of the Yalahau Regional Human Ecology Project, a multidisciplinary, multinational research effort focusing on ancient Maya settlement, land use, and political organization in an extensive wetland area of northern Quintana Roo, Mexico.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: The Lowland Maya Area: Three Millennia at the Human-Wildland Interface (2003, edited with Arturo Gomez-Pompa, Michael Allen, and Juan Jiménez-Osornio); Wetland Manipulation in the Yalahau Region of the Northern Maya Lowlands (2000, with 4 co-authors); The Managed Mosaic: Ancient Maya Agriculture and Resource Use (1996, editor and author of 3 chapters); Indigenous Agriculture in the Americas, Journal of Archaeological Research (1995); Land Evaluation and Ancient Maya Land Use in the Upper Belize River Area, Belize, Central America, Latin American Antiquity (1995); The View from Yalahau: 1993 Archaeological Investigations in Northern Quintana Roo, Mexico (1995, editor with K. Taube, and author of four chapters); Ancient Maya Agricultural Terracing in the Upper Belize River Area: Computer-Aided Modeling and the Results of Initial Field Investigations, Ancient Mesoamerica (1994); Prehistoric Maya Settlement Patterns in the Upper Belize River Area: Initial Results of the Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey, Journal of Field Archaeology (1992, with A. Ford); Shell Working in Ejutla, Oaxaca (Mexico): Findings from an Exploratory Field Season, Mexicon (1991, with G. M. Feinman and L. M. Nicholas); Chert Tool Production and Consumption among Classic Period Maya Households, in Maya Stone Tools: Selected Papers from the Second Maya Lithics Conference (1991, edited by T. R. Hester and H. J. Shafer); The Prehistoric Agricultural Landscape of the Central Maya Lowlands: An Examination of Local Variability in a Regional Context, World Archaeology (1990, with A. Ford); and The Economics of Agricultural Land Use and Settlement in the Upper Belize Valley, in Prehistoric Maya Economies of Belize (1989, edited by P. A. McAnany and B. L. Isaac).