Faculty » Emeritus » Alan R. Beals

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. 1954 University of California Berkeley

Professor Beals has carried out field projects in a small town in northern California, with an Air Force Bomber Crew, with the United States Army, and in Mexico. Most of his fieldwork, however, has been conducted in the course of three field trips to Karnatak State in South India. His major interests are in cultural change, ecology, conflict, and demography. He is currently conducting research in the roles of decision, conflict, and opportunity in changing agricultural communities in the United States, Mexico, and India.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: Gopalpur: A South Indian Village (1980); Culture in Process (1979); An Introduction to Anthropology (1977, with R. L. Beals and H. Hoijer); Village Life in South India (1974); and Divisiveness and Social Conflict (1966, with B. J. Siegel).