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The Lithic Technology Laboratory was established in 1993 to provide a setting, facilities, and expertise for the development of a broad specialization in the technology of stone tools. Since archaeological preservation has dictated that much of human prehistory worldwide and throughout ancient times is decipherable primarily through lithic artifacts, the goal of this facility is to encourage lithic analyses in order to understand prehistoric behaviors.

In particular, experimental replication of stone technologies is viewed as an essential tool to decipher the archaeological lithic record. The Lithic Technology Laboratory offers the only academic program in the country that emphasizes replicative experimentation as fundamental for addressing problems in prehistoric stone-tool economies. Intensive flintknapping instruction encourages a high level of proficiency in practical stoneworking as a prerequisite for analysis of lithic assemblages.


University of California, Riverside
  College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
    Department of Anthropology
        Lithic Technology Laboratory
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