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The basic course sequence for developing a specialization in lithic technology is as follows:

Anthro-114A: Lithic Technology I, a broad survey of the fundamental concepts of lithic technology, including mechanical properties of tool stone; lithic heat treatment; prehistoric quarrying and mining strategies; elementary concepts of flaking stone; flake-core technologies; bipolar reduction; sequent-flake reduction strategies; pressure flaking; fluting; weaponry; specialized tool production; and the functioning of lithic technological systems.

Anthro-114B: Lithic Technology II, intensive study of blade-core technologies throughout the world; drilling of, and with, stone; production of soft-stone implements; axe industries; abrading tools; and the quarrying and production of millstones.

Anthro-114C: Lithic Analysis, devoted primarily to the analysis and interpretation of debitage assemblages and of lithic economic systems.


University of California, Riverside
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        Lithic Technology Laboratory
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