Faculty » T.S. Harvey

T.S. Harvey

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 2003 University of Virginia

Office: 1323 Watkins Hall
Phone: (951) 286-7199
E-mail: tsharvey@ucr.edu

Professor Harvey's multidisciplinary work is grounded in the fields of medical and linguistic anthropology and focuses on environmental health and global public health with geographical areas of specialization in Guatemala, the United States, and Mexico. His work on language and communication in health care, risk reduction, and environmental protection range from micro analyses of doctor-patient interactions, to macro analyses of communication in public health campaigns, through applied research in the areas of physician education and international collaborations on crisis management, risk communication, and disaster relief efforts, and into the collaborative development of neighborhood approaches to risk reduction, disaster prevention, and environmental protection.

Dr. Harvey is also a member of “One Health: Water, Animals, Food and Society,” a UC Riverside and UC Davis Center of Expertise (COE) within the University of California Global Institute (UCGI).


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