Michael Kearney

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Reconceptualizing the Peasantry: Anthropology in Global Perspective looks at rural society in general and considers the problematic distinction between rural and urban. Most definitions and debates about the peasants have focused on their presumed social, economic, and political characteristics, but Kearney articulates the way in which peasants define themselves in a rapidly changing world.In the process, he develops ethnographic and political forms of representation that correspond to contemporary postpeasant identities. Moving beyond a reconsideration of peasantry, the book situates anthropology in global context, showing how the discipline reconstructs itself and its subjects according to changing circumstances.

Kearney, Michael
1996        Reconceptualizing the Peasantry: Anthropology in Global Perspective,
Westview Press, Inc.

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Other Publications by M. Kearney

Kearney, Michael
1972     The Winds of Ixtepeji: World View and Society in a Zapotec Town
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          Kearney, Michael
          1984        World View, Chandler & Sharp Publishers, Inc.

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