Selected Publications of Sociocultural Faculty

   Eugene N. Anderson

1988 The Food of China. New Haven: Yale University Press. 263 pp.
1991 "Chinese Folk Classification of Food Plants." Crossroads 2:51-67. (Scholarly journal)
1992 "Chinese Fisher Families: Variations on Chinese Themes." Journal of Comparative Family Studies 23:231-248.
1993 "Southeast Asian Gardens: Nutrition, Cash and Ethnicity.", nueva epoca, 1:1-12.
1993 "Gardens in Tropical America and Tropical Asia." Biotica, nueva epoca, 1:81-102.
1995 Ecologies of the Heart. New York: Oxford University Press.
1996 Bird of Paradox: The Unpublished Writings of Wilson Duff (Editor and Introductions). Surrey, BC: Hancock House.

   Piya Chatterjee

1995 Encounters Over Tea: Labor, Gender and Politics on an Indian Plantation. Ph.D. dissertation in Anthropology, University of Chicago.
1995 "Secure this Excellent Class of Labor: Gender and Race in Labor recruitment for British Indian Tea Plantations." Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars 27:3:
n.d. "Dissonant Rituals: Talking About Women and Political Fields on an Indian Plantation." In Putting Ourselves in Place: Feminist Ethnography in the Himalayas, R. Aggarwal and J. Thompson, eds. In press.
n.d. A Time for Tea: Labor, Gender, and History on an Indian Plantation. In preparation.

   Maria Luz Cruz-Torres

1985 La Comunidad Pesquera de Punta Santiago. Program Sea Grant UPR-SG-24. Mayaguez:University of Puerto Rico.
1992 "Shrimp Mariculture in Mexico." World Aquaculture 23:1: 49-51.
1992 "Evaluation of the Impact of Shrimp Mariculture Development upon Rural Communities in Mexico." In Coastal Aquaculture in Developing Countries: Problems and Perspectives, R. B. Pollnac and P. Weeks, eds., pp. 54-72. Kingston, RI: International Center for Marine Resource Development, University of Rhode Isl
1996 "Shrimp Mariculture Development in Two Rural Mexican Communities." In Aquacultural Development: Social Dimensions of an Emerging Industry, C. Bailey, eds., pp. 171-91. Boulder: Westview Press.
n.d. Lives of Dust and Water: The Political Ecology of Rural People on the Mexican Pacific Northwest. Book ms. in preparation.

   Paul Gelles

1986 "Sociedades hidralicas en los andes: algunas perspectivas de Huarochir." Allpanchis Phuturinga, Cuzco, 18:27:99-147.
1990 "Latin America's Indian Question" with David Maybury-Lewis. The Wilson Quarterly, Washington D.C., 14:3:58-60.
1992 " 'Caballeritos' and Maiz Cabanita:Colonial Categories and Andean Ethnicity in the Quincentennial Year." Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers, Nos. 75-76, pp, 14-27. Oakland: GRT Press.
1992 "Ethnohidrologia, 'desarollo,' y politica cultural en la sierra peruana." In J. A. Gonzales Alcantud, and A. Malpica Cuello, eds., Agua: mitos, ritos, y reali-dades, pp.375-400. Granada, Spain: Editorial Anthropos.
1993 "Irrigation as a Cultural System: Introductory Remarks." Proceedings of the 24th Chacmool Conference, pp. 329-332. Alberta: University of Calgary Archeological Association.
1993 "Cabaneño Ethnohydrology: The Cosmological Referents and Historical Roots of an Andean Irrigation System." Proceedings of the 24th Chacmool Conference, pp. 353-361. Alberta: University of Calgary Archeological Association.
1993 Transnational Fiesta (an ethnographic film, with W. Martínez). Center for Media and Independent Learning, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.
1994 "Channels of Power, Fields of Contention: The Politics of Irrigation and Land Recovery in an Andean Peasant Community," in Irrigation at High Altitudes: The Social Organization of Water Control Systems in the Andes. W. P. Mitchell and D. Guillet, eds. Washington, D.C: American Anthropological Association, pp.233-273.
1995 "Equilibrium and Extraction: Dual Organization in the Andes." American Ethnologist 22:4:710-742.
1996 "Indigenous Peoples and Their Conquests." American Anthropologist 98:2:408-411.
1996 "Introduction." Andean Lives: Gregorio Condori Mamani and Asunta Quispe Huam. R. Valderrama, C. Escalante, P. Gelles, G. Martínez, eds., pp. 1-13. Austin: University of Texas Press.

   Michael Kearney

1972 The Winds of Ixtepeji: World View and Society in a Zapotec Town. New York: Holt, Rinehart, & Winston. (Reprinted 1986 by Waveland Press.) 1984 World View. Novato, Calif.: Chandler & Sharp.
1992 "A Very Bad Disease of the Arms." In The Naked Anthropologist: Tales from around the World, P. DeVita, ed. Wadsworth Publishing. Pp. 47-57.
1993 Mixtec Migrants in California Agriculture: A New Cycle of Poverty. Carol Zabin, Michael Kearney, Anna Garcia, David Runsten, and Carole Nagengast. Davis, CA: California Institute for Rural Studies.
1994 A Survey of Oaxacan Village Networks in California Agriculture. David Runsten and Michael Kearney. Davis, CA: California Institute for Rural Studies.
1994 "Desde el indigenismo a los derechos humanos: etnicidad y política más allá de la mixteca." Nueva Antropología 14:46:49-67, Mexico.
1995 "The Local and the Global: The Anthropology of Globalization and Transnationalism." Annual Review of Anthropology, 24:547-65.
1995 "Latin America's Indigenous Peoples Today: Changing Identities and Forms of Resistance in Global Context," Michael Kearney and Stefano Varese. In Capital, Power and Inequality in Latin America, Richard Harris and S. Halebsky, eds. Westview Press.
1995 "The Effects of Transnational Culture, Economy, and Migration on Mixtec Identity in Oaxacalifornia," in The Bubbling Caldron: Race, Ethnicity, and the Urban Crisis. Michael Peter Smith and Joe R. Feagin, eds. Minneapolis: Univer. of Minn. Press., pp. 226-243.
1996 Reconceptualizing the Peasantry: Anthropology in Global Perspective. Westview Press.

   David Kronenfeld

1976 "Computer Analysis of Skewed Kinship Terminologies." Language 52:4:891-917.
1979 "Structuralism." Annual Review of Anthropology 8:503-541, Co-authored with H. Decker.
1980 "Particularistic or Universalistic Analysis of Fanti Kin terminology: the Alternative Goals of Terminological Analysis." 15:1:151-169.
1985 "Numerical Taxonomy: Old Techniques and New Assumptions." Current Anthropology 26:1:21-41.
1989 "Morgan vs. Dorsey on the Omaha Cross-Parallel Contrast: Theoretical Implications." l'Homme 19:78-101.
1991 "Fanti Kinship: Language, Inheritance, and Kingroups." Anthropos 86:19-31.
1992 "Goodenough vs. Fischer on Residence: A Generation Later.". Quantitative Anthropology 4:1-21.
1993 "Starlings and Other Critters: Simulating Society." Of Quantitative Anthropology 4:143-174. Co-authored with A. Kaus.
1994 "Language, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and 1989." Language in Society 23:555-578. Co-authored with M. Buchowski, W. Peterman, and L.Thomas
1996 Plastic Glasses and Church Fathers: Semantic Extension from the Ethnoscience Tradition. Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics. New York: Oxford Univ. Press.

   Juan-Vicente Palerm

1976 "Notas para una tipología de comunidades rurales". In Primera reunión de antropólogos españoles: actas, comunicaciones, docmentación, pp. 225-241. Sevilla, Spain.
1977 "Change in the Traditional Forms of Agrarian Collectivisim in Spain." Popular Participation in National Development, J. Nash, N. Hopkins, and J. Handler, eds. World Anthropology Series, vols. XVI & XVII. pp. 157-172. The Hague: Mouton.
1991 Farm Labor Needs and Farm Workers in California 1970-1989. California Agricultural Studies 91. Sacramento, CA: Employment Development Dept.
1991 "El Proyecto 'Agricultura y sociedad en El Bajio' en el contexto de una coyuntura trans formadara de la antropología social mexicana," in Respuesta campesina a la revolución verde en El Bajio, L. Gonzalez, ed. Mexico City: Universidad Iberoamericana.
1992 "A Season in the Life of a Migrant Farm Worker in California." The Western J. of Medicine 157:362-366.
1993 "A Binational System of Agricultural Production: The Case of the Mexican Bajio and California" (with J. I. Urquiola). In Mexico and the United States: Neighbors in Crisis, D. J. Aldrich, Jr. and L. Meyer, eds. San Bernardino, CA: Borgo Press.
1994 Immigrant and Migrant Farm Workers in the Santa Maria Valley, California. Report to the Center for Survey Methods Research, Bureau of the Census. Washington, D.C.
1994 "La intersección del agua y el trabajo en la moderná sima agrícultura de California." In Sistemas hidríulicos, modernización de la agricultura y migración. C. Viqueira Landa and L. Torre, eds. Mexico City: El Colegio Mexiquense and Universidad Iberoamericana.

   Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez

1983 Bonds of Mutual Trust: The Cultural Systems of Rotating Credit Associations Among Urban Mexicans and Chicanos. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press. Foreword, Eric R. Wolf. 180 pp. Trnsl. into Spanish 1993.
1983 Rituals of Marginality: Politics, Process, and Culture Change in Central Urban Mexico. Berkeley: University of California Press. Foreword, Richard N. Adams. 296 pp. Trnsl into Spanish 1991.
1992 "Formation and Transformation of Funds of Knowledge Among U.S. Mexican Households: Contexts for Educational Reformation in the Southwest Region." Anthropology and Education Quarterly 23:4:313-335. Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez and James Greenberg.
1992 Problem Solving and Collaboration: A Model for Applied Anthrpology from the Field," in Discovering Anthropology, Daniel R. Gross, ed., pp. 402-403. Mountain View, California: Mayfield.
1993 "Ritual Cycles of Exchange: The Process of Cultural Creation and Management in the U.S. Borderlands." In Celebrations of Identity: Multiple Voices in American Ritual Performance, P. Frese, ed., pp. 119-143. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.
1993 "U.S. Mexicans in the Borderlands: Being Poor Without the Underclass." In In the Barrios: Latinos and the Underclass Debate, Joan Moore and Raquel Pinderhughes, eds., pp. 195-221. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.
1994 "Plural Strategies of Survival and Cultural Formation in U.S. Mexican Households in a Region of Dynamic Transformation: The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands." In Diagnosing America: Anthropology and Public Engagement, pp. 193-234. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.
1994 "Schooling Processes among U.S. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans: A Comparative, Distributive, and Case Study Approach" (with James B. Greenberg). In Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Anthropology, Thomas Weaver, ed., pp. 270-281. Houston: Arte Publico Press.
1995 "The Challenge of Funds of Knowledge in Urban Arenas: Another Way of Understanding the Learning Resources of Poor Mexicano Households in the U.S. Southwest and their Implications for National Contexts." In The Anthropology of Lower Income Urban Enclaves: Critical Issues, J. Freidenberg, ed. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol 749, New York: New York Academy of Sciences. 35 ms. pp.
1996 Border Visions: The Cultures of Mexicans of the Southwestern United States. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Photo Credits: Michael Kearney
(Photos of Oaxaca & Tijuana, Mexico)


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