Department of Anthropology
Sociocultural Faculty

Faculty Areas
Anderson, Eugene Cultural ecology, resource management, fisheries, agriculture, food. China, Malaysia, Southwest Mexico
Chatterjee, Piya Gender, feminist ethnography, colonialism, plantations, "international development issues," women and medical/public health cultures. South Asia, British Caribbean.
Cruz-Torres, Maria Luz Ecological anthropology, political ecology, economic anthropology, gender, rural development, and transnational communities, fisheries and aqua-culture development. Puerto Rico, Florida, Mexico.
Gelles, Paul H. Interpretive and political anthropology, political ecology and cultural politics of irrigation, transnationalism, indigenous literatures. Central and Southern Peruvian highlands.
Kearney, Michael Political economy, indigenous people, Marxist anthropology, transnationalism, ethnicity, migration, practical anthropology. Mexico, and United States.
Kronenfeld, David Social organization including ethnicity and kinship, culture as distributed cognition, the semantics of natural language, mathematical and computer applications. West Africa.
Palerm, Juan-Vicente Political economy, rural development and social change, migration, peasant studies, history of anthropology. Spain, Mexico, and United States.
Vélez Ibáñez, Carlos G. Education, urban anthropology, political anthropology, practical anthropology, ethno-class relations in complex social settings, complex social organization, qualitative methodology. United States, Mexico, Hispanic Caribbean.

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